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Who We Are

Top Rated Speed and Performance Training is a student athletic training program which focuses on academics and athletic success of all program participants.  Student athletes ranging from middle school to college are welcomed.  Top rated is founded by Coach Dezmond Willis with the intentions to change the way student athletes train the body while simultaneously enhancing academic excellence.  

Top Rated promotes character traits of high value to personal development and success in life.  These include the drive to take our student athletes talents to the highest level of performance embracing the discipline needed to reach high standards.  Learning to work in pursuit of a common goal and adherence to codes of fairness and respect.

Top Rated is located within the Physical Education's indoor facility at Prattville High School with program days on Tuesday,  Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.  It is our intent for athletes to assemble together for appoximately 10 minutes following every training session for participation in an open forum to discuss anything they can do as individuals, or as a group, to improve Top Rated. 

Orlando Willis, Fire Chief, Victoryland fire Department;  Vision1sports;  Ginger Powers, Prattville High School Science/ACT Prep teacher and girls soccer coach, all play a important role at Top Rated as mentors, educators and leaders of faith.  Ours vision is simple --- God first then we work!!! WE ARE TOP RATED!

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